The tradie, on holiday to celebrate his 21st birthday, had an eight-legged holiday nightmare when a spider climbed inside his stomach and stayed there for three days.

After being woken by stomach pain one morning with a red mark near his navel Dylan got his first inkling something was wrong. 

The next day the mark was growing, so he went to Bali International Medical Centre.

He was sent home by the doctors, reports the South Western Times, told it was an insect bite. 

They were close. An insect was involved. 

“I woke up the next day and it had blistered all the way from the bottom,” Dylan told the local Western Australia paper.

He went back to the hospital, and a specialist worked out the mystery with the results of a swab. 

Turns out the spider, the size of a matchstick head so not exactly a monster, entered Dylan’s stomach through an appendix scar. 

“It’s just the fact that something had been inside my body and was causing everything to happen, I can’t explain that feeling,” he said. 

“Not like something I have ever experienced before and it is still quite painful.”

On the bright side, he quite likes his new nickname – Spiderman. 

Image via Facebook