Three fire engines were called to the scene of the fire earlier this month, which is thought to have started after the cheeky rodent chewed through the cables of a fluorescent light causing an electrical fault which set off a fire.

A spokesman for London fire brigade, who clearly couldn’t resist a pun, said: “It’s nuts to think that squirrels can start fires, but that’s exactly what happened here. We think it was nesting in the garage and caused the blaze by chewing through some cables.

“As this incident has shown, it’s important to keep your garages and homes clear from rodents, as they can chew through cables and cause fires.”

Fortunately the fire didn’t spread into the home but part of the garage was damaged as well as some stored contents.

Squirrels and the fire brigade seem to have a history of run-ins. Earlier this year, seven firefighters battled to save squirrel stranded in pond in Watford.