Unleashing his fury on Twitter, the curly-haired comic, who is a regular on Stephen Fry’s QI quiz show, said he is planning to kick up a fuss about the sweary Qantas steward for years to come.

According to Davies, the steward threw his daughter out of the toilet for playing with a cup, causing the toddler to start crying.

When Davies complained, the steward told him to “f**k off”. Later, when the comedian asked for his name, the steward said, “Get out of my face.”

According to his tweets, Davies then spoke to the chief steward, who did not believe his story.

Here’s what he tweeted:

“Life in #qantas town. A steward made my 2 yr old cry after turfing her out of a ‘1st class’ toilet & told me to ‘f**k off’ when I complained.”

“I was actually holding my crying two year old girl in my arms when the #qantas steward told me to f**k off. Made for a less enjoyable journey.”

“So after the #qantas steward told me to f**k off I congratulated him on his courage and asked him his name. He said ‘get out of my face’.

“I asked the #qantas steward what his name was and he wouldn’t tell me. Managed to call him a gutless coward and sat down. Got his name later.”

“Then the chief #qantas steward came out and told me he didn’t believe me, argued with me over it and made my daughter cry again.”

“I will be complaining about this #qantas steward for years.”

Davies did not receive unmitigated support on Twitter and although some of his followers joined in the Qantas-slating, others backed up the airline.

“I don’t agree with what was said (if it was) but I also do not believe you should allow your child to run off like that,” tweeted one person.

” I’m with @QantasAIrways on this one. @AlanDavies1 let his 2yo wander into the First Class toilets,” wrote another.

A Qantas spokeswoman said the company is investigating the allegation.

“We are taking Mr Davies’ comments seriously,” she said.

On Twitter, the airline sent a public apology to Davies, writing: “We are appalled to hear about your experience onboard last night and take this very seriously.”

 What do you think, is Davies over reacting or should the potty-mouthed Qantas steward be locked up for the rest of his life?