Brown was performing at Minneapolis’ Triple Rock Social Club as part of his Old & Reckless tour when he apparently invited some of his adoring female fans to ‘get closer to him’, and from what we can gather one of them was only too happy to oblige.

A concert goer explained to the Huffington Post what then transpired, as a bunch of ladies in the front row began grabbing for Brown’s crotch, before one lady flashed him and then jumped up on stage and started fellating him.

“Then I’m behind her and I start getting pushed against her by the crowd shifting,” the fan wrote. “It was horrible and I hope you guys will be donating to my future therapy sessions but also I came back with a story. He rapped the entire time during too.”

‘He rapped the entire time too.’ What an absolute hero!

Naturally the twittersphere went absolutely bananas about the whole thing, with fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar even weighing into the issue asking Brown on his social networking site whether or not the incident had really happened.

In a tweet from Brown’s account that was quickly deleted, Danny seemed to reply in the affirmative.

“<<<- and didn’t miss one bar bruh bruh.”

Ah, and why wouldn’t you be proud? While I’ve never done it, I imagine that maintaining ones flow in the middle of a rap is hard enough without having someones lips around the tip of your bellend. Talk about being on the job.

Besides there hardly seems to be any point in denying it, there are (quelle suprise) a number of mobile phone images of the incident, showing a raven haired woman on her knees going at the whole sordid business with a will. Images unfit for printing here, as I’m sure you and your gutter minds can imagine.

Murky reports have also emerged of a nadia (@naughtyahhhh) tweeting before the show: “I’ve done a lot of weird, wild, and inappropriate things at triple rock, but tonight I’m trying to hop on @xdannyxbrownx ‘s cock”… Charming.

So, there you have it. Another love story (of sorts) coming out of the American heartland.

Where’s Jesus when you need him?