Starring: Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy

Hasn’t Isla Fisher done well for herself?

Since leaving Summer Bay, the Aussie has been so impressive in supporting roles she’s been given a chance to headline a Hollywood movie.

It’s an opportunity to establish herself as a real comedic star that Fisher grabs with both hands.

The actress is right on the money in Confessions Of A Shopaholic, a timely comedy about the dangers of conspicuous consumption.

Fisher plays Rebecca, a journalist whose love for shopping lands her in debt.

She ironically gets a job as an advice columnist at a finance magazine, and falls for editor Luke (Dancy).

How long can she hide the fact she’s up to her eyeballs in unpaid bills?

The problem with Aussie director PJ Hogan’s film is that it tries to convey a message about the foolishness of overspending while cynically acting as a shop-window for expensive goods.

Add the fact that Dancy has all the charisma of a shop mannequin, and Fisher has her work cut out to make this watchable.

Thanks to her skill as a physical comedienne, she is equal to the task.

Good for: Those suffering Sex And The City withdrawal symptoms. PIERRE DE VILLIERS