Minimum Wage

There is no such thing as a minimum wage in Dubai and rates of pay vary greatly depending on your passport. Generally, Westerners are paid more than people from Asia and the sub-continent, but not as much as Emiratis (UAE natives). Rates of pay can vary greatly from company to company for the same job.

Dubai Tax rates

There is no income tax in Dubai, which makes it an attractive haven for many people. Some countries, such as the United States for instance, tax their citizens on money earned overseas, so it’s best to look into this to make sure you’re not violating any of your country’s tax laws.

Cost of basics

1 dirham = 16 pence
1 pound = 6 dirhams
Movie ticket Dhs30
Pint of beer Dhs30-40
McDonald’s Big Mac meal Dhs15
Gallon of gas Dhs4.5
Bottle of water Dhs1-2 (local water) Dhs10 (Evian)