The South Pacific Island of Samoa has revealed plans to leap ahead by one day.

The country will change its clocks to observe the west side of the international date line, rather than the east side which it currently follows.
The move has put Samoa in the tourism spotlight – since announcing its plans for time travel, the island nation has seen a whopping 48 per cent increase in TripAdvisor traffic figures.
“This is good news for Samoa,” commented Emma O’Boyle, TripAdvisor spokesperson.  “The media attention following the announcement has been extensive and it’s obviously piqued traveller interest.  The South Pacific is a popular destination for Brits, but perhaps Samoa has been overlooked until now and the country may see more British travellers as a result of this change.”
Samoa is currently almost an entire day behind Australia and New Zealand, which means the island loses two business days each week with two of its key trading partners.  The change, set to take place on December 29, will put Samoa just three hours ahead of Australia.