Minimum wage

The minimum wage in Ireland for an adult worker not on a training or
study course is €8.65 per hour,
the second highest rate in the EU, after Luxembourg.

Tax rates

20% on income up to €36,400, 40% on more than this

All PAYE taxpayers get a credit of €1830.

There are a range of other allowances*, such as for paying for private
health insurance and some medical expenses, making contributions to a
pension fund, and for part of your rent payments (up to about €400pa)
if you live in private rented accommodation.

There are allowances for mortgage interest payments (of up to €5000pa,
this highest figure is for first-home buyers), though this tax relief
is done via your bank who decrease payments accordingly.

* If you are on a work permit (green card, spousal, work permit) you
can only claim allowances for rental payments (ie not for pension
contributions and others).

Cost of basics

Movie ticket       €10
Pint of beer        €5