On the one hand, a student ideally would take classes that they really love and that would lead to a career that they would enjoy after their collegiate career is over. By the same token, they also want to keep in mind whether those careers will be financially rewarding enough for them to make a good living down the road.

Another consideration is just how difficult the classes will be to get a degree in a given field. It doesn’t matter about future prospects if you don’t have the ability to complete the classwork in the first place. So it’s a balancing act that every student has to perform while deciding which classes will satisfy all of these requirements. And what they often find is that the hardest classes to take correspond with the most financially rewarding careers.

If you’ve chosen a path at a university that includes rigorous classwork, you should be aware of the resources available to you that will allow you to tackle even the most daunting homework assignment. In the meantime, here are three fields of study that may be worth all of the efforts it takes to get through them.

Civil Engineering

This is a daunting field for any collegiate hopeful to enter because it requires a broad base of knowledge on an extremely difficult set of subjects. But the financial rewards if you can get through it all are extremely fruitful. Infrastructure is a business that never goes out of fashion, and, as a result, students who come out of university with the necessary civil engineering knowledge will be in high demand for as long as they wish to remain in that field.


Anybody who has ever struggled through a biology class knows that this is a difficult field. Yet it can also be extremely rewarding after the schoolwork is done. Medicine is obviously the first field that comes into mind when you think of students who major in science in their collegiate careers. But the field of research is another way in which someone with a science background can go on to a career that will pay the bills and then some down the road.

Computer Science

This is one of those fields where it seems like some students simply have a knack for it and others don’t and never will. So forcing yourself into a computer science program in the hopes of large remuneration in the future isn’t the wisest idea if you aren’t already a whiz with all things technological. But if you do have those skills, you could easily step into a lucrative career when your education is through.

You need to take into consideration all of the factors when deciding upon a course of study. Do as much research as you can before the decision, and be flexible enough to know when it’s time to make a change to ensure a great professional future.