To be in with the chance of spying for the UK, just click here and have a go at cracking the code.

The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), an online intelligence agency, posted links to the code-breaking game as  the first step in its recruitment process. Hopefuls must spot hidden keywords in baffling rows and column of characters. The exercise must be completed in seven hours or less.

If you crack the code, you will then be directed to the GCHQ website to fill in an application form.

The organisation plans to hire 35 spies over the next few months.

GCHQ works with MI5 and MI6 and is hoping to recruit some young, hacking-savvy workers to help in the government’s fight against cyber crime.

A GCHQ spokesman said: “Code cracking skills are vital to secure the very best talent and to support the GCHQ mission in its fight against cyber threats.

“Our target audience is not typically attracted to traditional advertising methods and may be unaware that we are recruiting for these kinds of roles.”

On its website the GCHQ says its, “provides intelligence, protects information and informs relevant UK policy to keep our society safe and successful in the Internet age.”

Disappointingly to James Bond fans, it continues that, “The Agencies act within the law. All their operations are conducted within a framework of legislation that defines their roles and activities. In summary, their operations must relate to national security, the prevention or detection of serious crime, or the UK’s economic well-being.”