A new police crime map will show a breakdown of offences at street level.

The street-by-street crime maps will allow residents to see how safe their neighbourhood is.

Residents will be able to look at the number of violent crimes, robberies and burglaries recorded in their area. This is the first time ever that such information has been revealed.

Home Secretary Theresa May has said that the figures will enable residents to hold the local police to account and help reduce crime.

Mrs May said: “I think the public reaction will be positive. I think people are going to welcome the fact they can really see what’s happening with crime in their area, not just on their street but in their neighbourhood.

“I think they will feel a greater connection with the police, with much more information about where they can go to, and who they can work with.

“I think that over time it will have an impact on crime. This is about fighting crime together.”

The map, which can be viewed at http://www.police.uk, crashed within hours of the launch at midnight.

The survey has revealed the most dangerous streets in the UK:

Worst streets for total crime in December

Glover’s Court, Preston (152 incidents)
Wind Street, Swansea (148)
Surrey Street, Portsmouth (136)
Albert Road South, Watford (135)
Newgate Street, Newcastle (130)
Peas Hill, Cambridge (127)
Bickenhall Lane, Birmingham (119)
Worcester Street, Birmingham (117)
Withy Grove, Manchester (115)
Fairfield Drive, Bury (114)

Fairfield Drive, Bury (10 incidents)
Kingswood Close, Egham (10)
Davies Street, Oldham (9)
Belvoir Road, Bristol (9)
Bayswater Court, Hull (9)
Jubilee Avenue, Clacton (9)
Breakspears Road, Brockley (8)
Talbot Grove, Bury (8)
Shakespeare Avenue, Bury (8)
Primrose Hill, High Wycombe (8)

Anti-social behaviour
Newgate Street, Newcastle (79 incidents)
Rowley Road, Harringey (77)
Fairford Way, Gloucester (75)
Glover’s Court, Preston (73)
St John’s, Leicester (69)
Thompson Close, Ilford (63)
Agar Place, Camden (59)
Camborne Close, Hounslow (56)
Poplar Road, Leatherhead (56)
The Crescent, Horley (56)

Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth (38 incidents)
Lower Twelfth Street, Milton Keynes (35)
Wind Street, Swansea (34)
Market Street, Wigan (32)
Albert Road South, Watford (25)
Cambrian Road, Newport (23)
Mill Lane, Cardiff (23)
Lord Street, Oldham (22)
Midgate, Peterborough (22)
Heol Y Brodyr Llwydion, Cardiff (22)