The rooftop bar has teamed up with Fables, the events creative team behind Houghton, El Dorado and Secret Garden Party to bring you Lost Vegas all across the summer.

The background story:

After years of tyranny, the United States rose up in revolt in 2021 and stuck it to The Man. Eco-warriors and neo-hippies spearheaded the collapse of the old ways and the advent of a brand-new future. The planet has fought back.

Plants and animals flourish in a world where humans are no longer top of the food chain and jungles consume the ruins of cities that are now co-habited by animals, birds, plants and a new eco-conscious tribe of humans.

The Xora, (our tribe of naturalists) have set up their new society in the ruins of the Las Vegas strip. Here, a green- living community of second-generation Trumpageddon survivors thrive, living off the planet with a new level of respect for the natural world. These new age children of the revolution are creating a world built of hope and peace, and, boy do they love to party. This summer, join us in celebration of the planet, celebration of life in all its forms and the creation of this new world.

Whether you’re meeting Elvis in the overgrown Little Vegas Wedding Chapel, enjoying a drink or loaded vegan hot dog from the abandoned yellow school bus bar, playing the slot machines or checking out the weird and wonderfully stocked Lost Vegas vending machines (expect everything from boozy ice pops and canned cocktails to wedding rings, and divorce certificates) you can expect a big serving of stateside hospitality in the reformed city of sin.

There’s also a series of immersive events on the rooftop – from sustainable living workshops with topics such as ‘How to Live a plastic free life’, tofuturism lectures, headphones discos and immersive theatrical experiences to the Rooftop Cinema Club once again, making an appearance for a season of cinematic gold.

Need to Know:

Queen of Hoxton

Thursday 3rd May until October 2018


Monday-Sunday 12pm-10pm