When planning your island-hopping adventure make sure you include the glossy party island of Mykonos and spectacular Santorini.

Plan to stay at least two nights on each island, so you have at least one day of relaxing between ferry rides.

You may want to linger longer on Santorini – it truly is the most beautiful of the islands.

If you don’t think Mykonos will quench your party thirst then include a stop on Ios, located between Mykonos and Santorini. Ios is a smaller island, but it makes up for its size in nightlife.

For those who want to avoid the hedonism, spend a few nights on Tinos, just 15 minutes from Mykonos by a fast ferry. There’s more of a family atmosphere on this island and its attractive town centre has plenty of budget-friendly but good quality restaurants.

If you’re travelling from Mykonos to Santorini (or Ios) consider a stop at Paros – where you can find cheaper accommodation and have a delicious dinner right on the water’s edge– or Naxos, a large and relatively green island where you can go hiking.