Police officers in Shoreham, West Sussex obliged by driving the soggy family to a nearby bus stop.

The man is reported to have threatened to call the Police Complaints Commissioner if they refused to help.

Details of the bizarre incident were revealed by a police officer for the area on Facebook.

The post said:  “At 12.16pm a male dialled 999 because it was raining and he wanted a lift home.

“Threatened to complain to the PCC when he was told no.”

A Sussex Police spokesperson confirmed the claims. “A man rang from the Shoreham flyover to say he was stuck on foot in rain on his way home on Sunday, and wanted a lift.

“A passing police car did give him a lift to the adjacent A283 as he had young children with him.

“He was then left as he was able to wait for a bus or phone for a taxi. Clearly, 999 is for public use only in emergencies.”

A Sussex police officer, who asked to remain anonymous, added: ‘Obviously, this is not why people should call 999.

‘He was lucky he was not dealt with for wasting police time,” reported Metro.

Street pastor Ian Chisnall said: “At the end of the day 999 is not the right service to use.

“But full credit to Sussex Police – they helped some children.”

From getting wet.

Chisnall unsuccessfully ran for the position of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner last year.