Why did I star jump? Because I am doing a class with Fitness Playground and the National Theatre is one of the iconic stop-off points on our fitness jaunt around the capital.

Starting at the South Bank University Sports Centre, we jog from one designated stop to the next, pausing to do stretches and strength or cardio exercises using benches, traffic lights, steps and walls. At each stop-off we play a fitness game, from tag, to duck, duck, goose, to rock-paper-scissors, all with an added fitness element – such as holding the plank position rather than sitting in a circle during duck, duck, goose.

There were moments of self-consciousness – particularly as we had to wear a tabard emblazoned with ‘Follow Me, I’m Doing Fitness Playground’. But it made me feel good that, rather than spending the night in a pub like most of our spectators, I was getting fit, having fun, and seeing the most famous landmarks of London, which beats the inside of a gym.

Mon & Wed, 6pm and 7.30pm; Sat, 10am. £10  
Southbank University Sports Centre, SE1 6LN  
Tube | Elephant and Castle