The eccentric dancer chose to cut shapes on a packed Central Line service to Epping, Essex, last week, managing to dance for eight minutes before being thrust onto the platform at Leytonstone, East London.

Before the doors closed, a smartly-dressed passenger standing behind the dancer pushed him out. The incident was filmed on someone’s mobile phone.

Other commuters cried “No. No” as the dancer was shoved off the train. The pusher then cheered loudly and stuck his fingers up.

A string of messages defending both parties, have been posted beneath the YouTube clip

One angry viewer wrote: “That’s assault really. I hope someone had the balls or heart to say to that guy who pushed him off what a c*** he is.”

Another added: “That guy that pushed him is a p****, could of really hurt him.”

But another wrote: “Hahaha!! Brilliant timing by that geezer he had time to finish his sandwich as well!!!”

Someone else commented: “Typical English thing to do…ignore him…I sometimes wonder what’s happened to people’s sense of humour. I’d be crying on the floor.”

Video clips taken on trains seems to be in fashion.

Earlier this week footage of an alleged fare dodger who was frogmarched off a train by another passenger, went viral.