Dancing on Ice stars will be forced to vote each other off in a shock twist in this week’s show.

Copying the format made popular by BBC’s Weakest Link quiz show, Dancing on Ice celebs will have to decide who is given the boot.

Viewers will still vote for who should be in the bottom two and judges will mark performances.

A source told The Sun that show chiefs were hoping for some “really bitchy” fighting between the stars as they will have to openly criticize their rivals.

“This has really put the cat among the pigeons,” said the source.

“They have all quietly been keeping their thoughts about their rivals to themselves.

“Now they will be forced to say what they think and look them in the eye while they’re doing it. We’ve told them they can’t mince their words and they have to give an honest opinion.

“Hopefully, some of the simmering tension that we’ve all been feeling will rise to the surface and they will get really bitchy.

“We know that some of them have strong feelings about each other as we’ve heard them all bitching behind the scenes.

“On camera they like to give the impression that it’s all one big happy family – but that could not be further from the truth.”

Initially, Dancing on Ice contestants Kerry Katona and Denise Welch refused to take part.

They told producers: “This isn’t fair, we’re not doing it. You can’t make us slag each other off.”

Vanilla Ice said: “What have you done?

“We used to be skaters – and now we’re haters.”