David Beckham has shown just why he’s the world’s most famous footballer with this video of some amazingly accurate kicking on the beach in LA.

The video wa apprabtly shot during a break in the filming of a Diet Pepsi Tv commercial.

The debate over whether the shots are real has sent the clip viral, and
it has garnered almost 900,000 views in just a few days. If it is fake
it was clearly designed to look spontaneous.

YouTube user killeria007 was doubtful the feat was genuine:  “He can kick it spot into these bins but cannot hit the net from 12 yards for England in big matches, lol.”

However, fellow YouTuber scrubsforever was a Beckham believer.

hit all the 3 bins. Why is so difficult for people to believe? He is
that good. Even the reaction from the people off camera… does that
not sound genuine?? “

In the meantime, Beckham wil probably just keep doing what he does best: playing football and looking cool.