Blaine will wear a chain-mail bodysuit and special boots lined with metal so the electric currents will flow through these rather than his body. He will also have on a wire helmet.

Putting aside the rather obvious risk that he will be elctrocuted, the magician said that the biggest danger is the unknown effect of being encased in an electric field for such a long time.

This is not Blaine’s first death-defying stunt. In 2008 he hung upside down without a net for 60 hours over NYC’s Central Park. He has also held his breath underwater for 17 minutes and 4 seconds, been buried alive for a week in a see-through coffin and been encased in a block of ice for 63 hours.

Some people will do anything for a bit of attention.

The ‘Electrified’ event runs from  October 5-8 in New York and will be streamed online at