A father has lashed out at the”callous indifference” of youths who wouldn’t call for help as his daughter slowly died of a drug overdose.

The anguish and anger at losing his youngest daughter Melanie from a drug overdose at a party was evident as Laurie Boyd made a heart-wrenching statement to a Townsville coroner yesterday.

Mr Boyd was emotional yet resolute as he described his family’s eternal grief and his personal pain identifying the 16-year-old in the morgue, The Townsvile Bulletin reports.

Melanie Boyd begged her friends to call for help after taking a lethal cocktail of booze and drugs, the inquest was told.

But by the time an ambulance was called, three hours after she was found “blue” and “struggling to breathe”, the popular Townsville private schoolgirl was dead.

“No father should be called upon to identify his daughter’s body,” he said.

“Mel’s throat was swollen, it was grossly distorted from her efforts trying to breathe.

“No witness can tell me she was merely snoring, or breathing like she had the flu.

“She must have been struggling for breath for hours … I hope that she was unconscious.

“She died alone in a strange house, I just hope she didn’t die afraid.

“We loved her and miss her every day.

“We were so lucky this wasn’t the first of three inquests … that three other fathers didn’t have to go to the ghastly place in the bowels of the hospital to identify their daughter.

“Why it was Mel, I’ll never know.”

A toxicology report showed Melanie had traces of the painkiller Tramadol, sedative Promazine and codeine in her system when she died.

There was no trace of amphetamine or any illicit drug.

Professor David Williams, who undertook the autopsy, indicated Melanie had ultimately drowned in her vomit, which caused her death.