A man has died after the London riots: the first fatality from the violence that saw the city looted and burned last night took place in Croydon.

The man, 26, was shot during the riots last night, police confirmed. He was found in his car suffering gunshots wounds ay 9.15 last night.

According to reports, the injured man was found in his car on Warrington Road, Croydon. He was taken to a south London hospital but died this morning.

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There were said to be two other men at the scene of the shooting who were arrested for handling stolen goods, looted during last night’s riots.

Croydon saw some of the worst of the riots last nights, with shops burned down, vandalised and looted. 28 families lost their homes in the violent riots.

The cost of rebuilding Croydon alone will run into millions of pounds.

Croydon Council leader Mike Fisher said that he believed the rioters came from outside the area.

"I believe that this was inflicted by a very small minority of people, many of whom did not come from within Croydon,” Fisher said.

"This is a mindless minority of thugs who think it is acceptable to cause damage, to steal goods and property just because they want to.

"What we have seen on an unprecedented and unparalled level is looting and arson of those buildings, some of which have been burnt to the ground.

"What we should remember is that this was not just shops but people were living above them.

"These people have no regard at all for human life or the danger that they were putting those families in."

An investigation into the man's death has been launched.