Q.My boyfriend and I were discussing our fantasies while in bed the other night, and he admitted that he gets turned on by rubbing up against women on a crowded Tube – it’s called frottage.

The idea disgusts me, but now he wants me to watch. What should I do?

A. That’s hilarious. I bet you thought you were being all edgy and 21st-century by openly discussing your fantasies with your boyfriend, expecting he would be into something prosaic, such as role play or talking dirty. Instead, he told you he likes rubbing up against strange chicks on the Tube. Sucked in.

You have two options: you can either ditch him and remain a prude, or you can go with it and see if you’re into it.

Above all, you should remember that no matter what Carrie Bradshaw tells you, guys are into stuff that will likely disgust you. So don’t pretend you’re freaky enough when you’re not. Stick to your awkward little rolls in the hay.

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