Q. My mate is in a “serious” relationship, and he’s suddenly all about being with his chick – and being a crap friend to us.

He’s even thinking of going to Australia with her for Easter and skipping our tradition of a roast and a game of footy.

How do I tell him off without making him feel too bad?

A. C’mon mate, if you fell in love with a hot new girl would you rather spend a torrid night with her or time at the pub with the lads?

Yeah, your mate’s being a bit of a prick, but if he’s about to spend the hols with his new chick, you can be sure he’s too preoccupied to notice anything’s up with his mates.

Remember, the honeymoon period can only last so long. Chances are he’ll soon come back to earth and be down the pub with you lot.

If you’re really itching to say something, be clear you have nothing against his girlfriend, but reckon he’s being a shite friend and his prowess on the football field is required.

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