Q I’m in my early-30s and recently met a 19-year-old girl. I’m really attracted to her and we have a great time together, but I worry about the age difference and my mates give me a hard time about it. How young is too young?

A As long as she’s 18 or older, she’s perfectly legal, so it’s fair game. Ultimately, the fact she’s younger means she may have lower expectations. Win-win.

People like to impose labels on others – names like “sex pest”, “pervert”, and “sexually confused” – but you need to be strong enough to ignore that kind of negativity. Your mates are just jealous, because they aren’t bedding teenage girls.

Some people will say you’re emotionally backward and that it’s indecent for a grown man to be sleeping with a girl barely out of plaid, but this is just oppression dressed up as ‘what’s socially acceptable’. Men who want to have sex with 19-year-olds have rights too.

Fight the power, brother.

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