Q. I just moved here and want to meet girls but I’m intimidated by London’s nightlife. How can I expand my network and find a nice girl to settle down with?

A. Cupid’s arrow can take flight in unexpected circumstances.

For example, I was at a bar in Soho called Girls Girls Girls, just enjoying a drink, and all the female staff were hitting on me.

Amazing. You have to be open-minded and get out there. If nightclubs aren’t your go, mix it up.

I find AA meetings are a hotbed of manic, vulnerable women itching to replace booze with sex – it’s like fishing with dynamite.

Equally, hanging around lingerie stores is a great way to meet women. It’s a numbers game; the more dressing room doors you knock on, the more chance you have of finding that special lady.

And wear your heart on your sleeve. If you fancy a girl you see on the Tube, don’t be shy; tell her you long for her touch. Use those exact words.

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