Q. I was with my ex for 12 years – we were childhood sweethearts. But we broke it off when he left to travel through Asia.

We’re still good friends, and I was thinking of moving to be near him again. The only thing is I have an amazing, well-paid job here in London, but I don’t want to lose him.

A. Let me get this straight. You’re about to leave a good job that you love for a bloke who’s ditched you to play around in Asia?

You guys may have been together for 12 years, but something tells me his escape to Thailand’s white beaches was also his way of escaping from you.

He’s the one who left, so he’s the one who has to come back, provided you’re still waiting for him when he finishes “travelling”.

You two could be the one in a million that work it out, but you can bet if you chase after him he’ll feel more claustrophobic than touched, and you’ll soon regret leaving that cushy job of yours.

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