It’s that time of the year again. New Zealanders from all corners of London will descend on the city centre to represent their homeland and have a damn good time.

The traditional starting point for the pub crawl is Pride of Paddington 50metres left out of Paddington Tube station (Circle/District line-not Hammersmith city line).

As the Circle Line now goes through Hammersmith/Shepherds Bush many people will meet at Shepherds Bush Green and nearby pubs.

Like last year the Circle line will be closed so the route will be walked.

The British Transport Police are pretty relaxed about the day and will only use arrests as a last resort so DON’T act like a dick and you will be able to enjoy your pub crawl without hassle.


*No drinking on the tube.
*No open vessels of alcohol in Westminster.
*Don’t get too pissed and act like a meat.
*Try look after your mates and keep them out of trouble.
*Don’t piss off the locals, don’t embarrass yourself or the New Zealand reputation. No swearing around locals, families, tourists.

The annual haka starts when the Big Ben chimes 4pm. There’s bound to be a massive crowd so try and get there by about 3.45pm to avoid missing out.

For more information see the Waitangi Day Circle Line Pub Crawl Facebook page.