The award is dished out on Australia Day to the individual who has brought, in the magazine’s opinion, the most shame and ridicule to their country.

Warne, who has born the brunt of rumours that he has undergone a cosmetic makeover after shacking up with model turned actress Liz Hurley, was deemed most culpable in this regard.

Zoo editor Tim Keen said of the decision: “Warnie’s woeful makeover sealed the deal. He’s a bloke who went from eating baked beans to being the same colour as them. He looks like Teri Hatcher’s stunt double.

“We’re all for punching above your weight but you’ve got to go in the ring with the same body you had at the weigh in.”

Past award winners include Wikileaks’ Julian Assange and film director Baz Luhrman.

Photo: Getty