37-year-old Samuel Otero and the unidentified victim had been living together in a Lake County, Fla. suburb. Otero allegedly agreed to cover the victim’s rent in exchange for a few posed photographs of the man naked.

What might have seemed like a good idea to the roommate at the time soon proved to be perhaps the worst decision he ever made. It is alleged that Otero – a gay man, then began to constantly text and harass the victim, trying to blackmail him into entering into a relationship with him despite the fact that he had a girlfriend. 

Police say that when the victim refuted Otero and tried to move out of the place they were sharing, Otero started disseminating the pictures amongst the man’s co-workers. He also sent some to the man’s girlfriend and even left some on the windscreen of the victim’s grandmother’s car.

Things really came to a head (so to speak…) on Monday, when Otero allegedly threatened to shoot his former roommate and then himself if the two couldn’t be together.

Otero has subsequently been arrested and charged with stalking. He was able to make his $5,500 bail however and is back on the street awaiting his court appearance according to the Miami New Times.

Let this be a lesson to all of you other there willing to swap a little flesh for some rent coverage. If you’re going to do it at all then make it a seven second Snapchat. That way your grandmother won’t wind up with a tightly cropped photograph of your twig and berries under her windscreen wipers.

Image: Lake County Jail & Huffington Post.