A Delta passenger claims someone pissed on his clothes, squirted toothpaste on them and stole aftershave from his luggage when it was sent to the wrong US destination.

Disgruntled Sy Haze was so angry about a Delta employee apparently pissing in his luggage, he made a video of the damage and posted it to Youtube.

The Youtube video contains footage of the urine and toothpaste covered clothes as Haze gives a commentary of what happened and, rather strangely, handles the apparently pissed-on items. He also sweetly introduces us to his "sleeping shorts".


According to Haze, the problems started at Delta’s check-in where he was given a boarding pass to Boston instead of Minneapolis. While this was sorted out, his bag continued to the wrong destination.

Haze was them promised an upgrade by Delta staff, but refused one at the gate.

When he arrived in Minneapolis, Haze’s bag failed to arrive and did not do so for four days, which, according to him, Delta staff at the airport found hilarious.

But the worst was to come, when Haze’s bag finally turned up he found his clothes had been pissed on and squirted with toothpaste.

“The vid really doesn’t do it justice as you cannot smell the stench of urine thru the lens,” he comments on the Youtube video.

The video has been watched more than 180,000 times on Youtube provoking Delta’s PR team into action. Apparently, the airline has now apologised and offered Haze free flights as recompense.

“Delta bending over backwards to sort this out now. First class flights back to the UK :D,” Haze wrote.

Comments on Youtube are mostly sympathetic but a few people have pondered over the fact that the video-maker is so happy to handle the “urine-soaked” clothes…