After an outcry over the number of empty seats at the London 2012 Olympics, Locog has been struggling to release more seats and put them on sale to the public. However demand still grossly outstrips supply and Locog has revealed that a terrifying 2.5 million people sit despondently beside their computers every day, hoping to buy tickets to the Games.

“A lot of them are applying for the same things, so obviously as they get to the check-out, they find that someone else has pipped them to the post and the product is not there that they’ve ordered,” a spokeswoman said today.


According to Olympics bosses, 100,000 tickets have been sold during the last 48-hour but apparently thousands still remain unsold.

“It’s about persistence,” the spokeswoman said. “People are going into the system, they are successfully buying tickets, they are successfully attending the Games. But the sheer volume of people on the site, all through the day, and all through the night is vast.”

The ticket allocation system is still clearly not running as smoothly as it could. Despite the huge demand to buy Olympics tickets, a fifth of accredited seats remain empty regardless of organisers’ efforts to reclaim them for sale.

Yesterday, just over 6,000 of the 32,000 seats made available the ‘Olympic family’ were vacant across all Olympic venues, according to the London organising committee.

Check the London 2012 official site for tickets:

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