Emergency services searched Loch Ness on Saturday night after reports came in of a balloon-like object falling from the sky.

The police, coastguard, lifeboat and an RAF search and rescue helicopter came to search the loch, after they received calls describing an object falling into the loch.

Witnesses reported seeing a balloon-like object or parachute descending over Loch Ness at around 8pm.

Police believed it may have been a hang glider or micolight, but they found “nothing untoward”.

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Loch Ness RNLI crew member Martin Douglas said: "A member of the public reported seeing a hang glider or microlight descending into the loch.

"The RNLI lifeboat crew spoke to people on the shoreline who stated that they had seen a balloon-like object just above the tree line near Dores.

"An earlier report from another source stated that they may have seen a parachute."

Crew member Vivian Bailey also said: "Speed of arrival on scene was essential and we were able to link our search efforts with those of the Coastguard and RAF, something we practise regularly.

"We believe the reports were based on sightings causing genuine concern and we commend the actions of the members of the public that contacted the emergency services."