During a soup kitchen visit it’s thought Paul Ryan ‘helped out’ by cleaning plates that didn’t need to be cleaned.

Reporters at the event claimed the Ryan family looked the part in their white aprons, but when it came to giving it a bit of elbow grease, they didn’t even appear to be washing. Apparently, there was no one even serving at the soup kitchen and the serving session and dishwashing was all done.

Washington Post reported that after they’d finished ‘washing dishes’ the reporters were dismissed.

“The campaign escorted photographers from the bus for Ryan’s exchange [with some homeless looking people], but reporters were not allowed to do so. Ryan’s motorcade took off for the airport a few moments later,” claimed the Washington Post journalist.

Someone from the campaign allegedly said that the reporters were only allowed to view in set up scenarios.

The campaign assistant said the conversation between Ryan and the homeless-looking people  “was not open to press because it was an impromptu conversation.”


Photo: Getty