The i-Doser, a ‘digital drug’ which involves listening to white noise on headphones, has become the centre of a ‘drugs scare’ in America.

i-Dosing claims to mimic the effects of drugs like marijuana, crack and ecstacy. The music tones are said to alter brainwave activity.

i-Dose tracks can be downloaded and there are versions on Youtube. The website has tracks with titles like Cocaine, Opium, and Peyote.

The American media has already whipped up hysteria over the fact that school kids are trying to get off their tits by listening to the tracks.
The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (OBNDD) said: “If you want to reach these kids, save these kids and keep these kids safe, parents have to be aware. They’ve got to take action.”

Well we just had a listen in the office and are still feeling boringly sober. Bummer.

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