Dinner for Schmucks

Starring: Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, Jemaine Clement 

Dinner for Schmucks features some of the hottest comedians around so Jay Roach’s latest film is a mouthwatering prospect. Unfortunately, the likes of Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and Kiwi Jemaine Clement are let down by a script that, ironically, lacks bite.

Based on French film Le Diner de Cons, the comedy focuses on hard-working executive Tim (Rudd), who is invited by his boss to a “dinner for winners” – a sick evening where execs compete to see who can bring along the biggest idiot. Tim is initially against the idea but when he literally runs into mega-moron Barry (Carell) he sees it as a sign to proceed.

Inviting Barry into his life soon has disastrous consequences, though. With all the elements in place for a cracking black comedy, it’s a pity that Roach only delivers a mildly entertaining film. As you would expect, Carell and Clement (who plays an artist gunning for Tim’s girl) make the most of the dull material, and a calamitous home invasion and a presentation involving stuffed mice are priceless. But it’s not enough to save Dinner for Schmucks from being a missed opportunity.


GOOD FOR: Those with an appetite for half-decent comedies.

Watch the Dinner For Schmuks trailer here


Review: Pierre de Villiers