Disgruntle ANC members who claim that they were forming a new party in protest of former president Thabo Mbeki’s removal were being dishonest, party’s treasurer general Mathews Phosa said on Thursday.

Speaking at a function hosted by a group of Afrikaner academics and entrepreneurs in Stellenbosch, Phosa said it did not make sense for people to claim they are protesting over Mbeki’s recall since the former president was removed in a dignified manner.

“There is consensus in the country that the process was handled with an even hand with due regard to the interests of the citizens,” he said.

Both individual spearheading the campaign for a split from the African National Congress were motivated by personal interests.

“Those leaders who believe that they should be guaranteed a position, do not understand our (ANC) culture and tradition,” Phosa said.

While it could be true that certain individuals were pained by the transition process in the ruling party, It would be wrong for them to make their discomfort a national issue.

“The pain of one individual cannot be elevated to a national crisis.” he said.

On Wednesday, former defence minister Mosiuoa Lekota (picture) with his former deputy Mluleki George announced that an announcement could be made within a month on the formation of a new political party.

On the Youth League president Julius Malema’s “kill for Zuma” statement, Phosa said the ANC leadership had engaged the youth leader and it was unlikely that he would repeat those statements.

He said the fact that the leadership had not rebuked Malema publicly did not mean they did not take any steps against him.