Spectators along both sides of the Thames were enthralled as Millbank tower became stunning backdrop to a spectacular 4D light projection to launch the Nokia Lumia 800 With Windows phone earlier this month. TEED teamed up with Deadmau5 to perform the phenomenal soundscape for the spectacle. But we’ll be hearing more from TEED, otherwise known as Orlando Higginbottom, over the months to come – not least because his track Garden features on the Nokia advertisement.

TEED has just finished an American tour and is now embarking on the sound halls of Europe and Australia. He speaks to us about growing up in Oxford, cocaine use, and his outrageous fashion choices:

Where did you get the idea for your name — Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs?
Nowhere in particular, other than just conversations me and my friends had, and that’s just what ended up coming out. There was no kind of major inspiration or it didn’t come from anywhere.

You’re the son of an Oxford University music professor – does that influence you?
Yeah, I was brought up with loads of music around me and Oxford is full of music. Different kinds of music. I guess the thing about having a father like that is that he has quite high standards, and I try and uphold some kind of standards as well.

In the past you’ve spoken about not being concerned about music genres. How does that come across in your music?
Well obviously I write the kind of music you can dance to, but I try not to follow particular trends. I get inspired by them or whatever, but like not to try to fall into patterns that become apparent, just because I don’t see that as necessary really. You don’t have to copy other people, and you don’t have to do what’s cool at the time and I think that’s a shame that it works like that. I think there’s a lot more originality to be had at the moment.

You’ve got some crazy cover art and have worn some outrageous outfits – what inspires that style?
I get the covers from trying not to be boring, and the actual style element isn’t thought about. If anyone sees some style there then that’s great, but we haven’t really aimed for any style. It’s just about doing something that’s fun and enjoyable and will be entertaining for people. Definitely not trying to do anything fashion related, or not in a fashion industry way.

The UK was just named the cocaine capital of Europe. What do you think about the connection between drugs and clubs?
I think cocaine, out of the high street drugs, is not necessarily completely linked to clubbing. People do it when they’re drinking in the pub. Obviously drugs and electronic music are linked, there’s a kind of huge history there, when new drugs turn up and different music appears because of them, but I think cocaine is for dickheads. I think it’s just about one of the worst things you can do, to do cocaine. Especially to do it and be aware of how much damage it does in South America. It’s kind of sick really. 

What’s the best part about performing live?
Playing my tracks really loud and jumping up and down.

So you dance to your music?
Yeah I dance to my own music. I wouldn’t write it if it didn’t make me want to move around a bit.

What’s one of the most memorable shows you’ve ever done?
Mount Festival in Germany. That was pretty amazing. It’s not necessarily the connection between the artist and the audience that’s good, but when the audience are all kind of locked in, they’re all in the same place. I could feel that and when you know that’s going on, you know its going to be a good show. There was just good energy and people went mad for it, singing along and stuff. Yeah that was really special for me.

What are you planning for the future?
Going to Australia for New Years, that’s the thing I’m kind of most pumped about right now. And I’ve got the weekend off this weekend. I think I’m going to go somewhere away for a night or two and switch my phone off.

TEED has released two singles this year, and is releasing another in the next few months. Look for his new album, out at the beginning of next year.

– Interview by Kelsey Clark