A new campaign, subtly named ‘Do It For Denmark’ has been launched – and its core message is reminding Danes that birth rates are the lowest they’ve been for 27 years.

The video follows the adventures of a Danish couple holidaying in Paris, and reveals how holidays have a positive effect on a couple’s sex life.

Therapist Birgit Dagmar Johansen adds her tuppence to the short ad, and says: ‘To travel and get new experiences affects relationships, because couples see each other in a new light. It releases endorphins in the brain and creates desire for sex. 

‘It’s how we get children. In fact, Danes have 46% more sex on holiday compared to their everyday life.’

And if that wasn’t enough, Spies Travel are offering couples the chance to book discounted holidays around possible ovulation dates – and if a couple can prove they conceived on their break, they’ll be entered into a draw to win baby stuff for three years, and a child-friendly holiday.

Image credit: YouTube/Spes Rejser