This October, supernatural enthusiasts are invited to get into the Halloween Spirit and take part in the ultimate ghost hunt through Midtown – the most haunted destination in London.

In 2014, close to ten ghostly sightings were reported in Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles, including the wandering spirit of the infamous Oliver Cromwell in Red Lion Square and the Egyptian mummy who lurks about the old Museum Station. Led by a group of experts in paranormal activity including a world renowned medium and psychic, intrepid ghost hunters will take to the streets of Midtown to hunt down those infamous spirits and fully prepare for Halloween.

Taking in seven haunted hotspots including St Giles in the Field, The Atlantic Bookshop and Shaftesbury Avenue, ghost hunters will use a host of specialist equipment to seek out spiritual activity, including dowsing crystals and rods, EMF meters and even an EVP box to measure white noise.

The 90 minute ‘hunt’ will come to a startling end at the infamous Enterprise Pub on Red Lion Street where hunters can enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine and they may get a visit from a very special guest. 

Carolyn Lee, Haunted Happenings’ Psychic Medium, says: “Midtown is one of the most haunted destinations in London and the area is rife with spirits who come out in full force during this time of year. Attendees will have a chance to discover Oliver Cromwell’s apparition at Red Lion Square and take part in a range of ghostly experiments to communicate with the alleged hauntings of the Midtown area.”

Tickets for the Midtown Ghost Hunt are just £5 and dressing up is strongly encouraged but not compulsory.


Tour dates:

·         Tuesday 20 October

·         Wednesday 21 October

·         Thursday 22 October

·         Monday 26 October

·         Tuesday 27 October

·         Wednesday 28 October

·         Thursday 29 October

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