When the Tory MP tried to rush the security gates at London 2012’s new media centre he didn’t make the cut.

Security guards failed to recognize the Olympics minister, and without the proper paperwork they rightly refused to let him into the venue.

Their attention to detail was lost on the former Army Major. “I’m the Olympics minister. You should damn well know who I am,” he retorted, according to the Daily Mail.

The guards were unabashed by his response and held strong to their resolve to not let Robertson enter.

It took ten minutes until someone inside the building recognized and vouched for the minister. The Tory MP was allegedly livid, a claim flatly denied by Robertson’s spokesman according to the Daily Mail.

A security officer recalled to the Daily Mail how the MP had snapped at him: ‘He said, “I’m the Olympics minister. You should damn well know who I am”.

‘I didn’t have a clue who he was and we have to check everyone’s identification whoever they are.

‘He should know that better than anyone else.’

A second guard told the Daily Mail; ‘He said “I’m on the television all the time” but I have never seen him before I think it was out of order.’

However there are always too sides to every story. Last night, a spokes person for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, told the Daily Mail: ‘The minister had a cordial conversation with one of the security team to get a pass for a media briefing that was beginning shortly.

‘It is day one of the main Press centre being opened and we are encouraged that thorough security checks are being carried out.’

Temper tantrum or not, the Tory MP should remember his ID or at least memorize a secret handshake with the guards.

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