44 year old Kujtim Nicaj pleaded guilty in October of last year to repeatedly breaking into Alan Kalchasky’s apartment in Rye, New York while he was out and engaging in sexual acts with Kalchasky’s one year old Labrador, Gunner.

Even though nothing was ever taken from his apartment Kalchasky began to noticed that someone was coming into his home when he was out and decided to catch the perpetrator by setting up hidden video cameras. 

The incident has also had a profound effect on poor Gunner the Labrador who according to Kalchasky hasn’t been his usual happy and energetic self. “Gunner just sits on the couch. He does not get up.”

Kalchasky then took the footage of Nicaj to local law enforcement officers who promptly had the man arrested and dragged before the courts.

“Taking advantage of a helpless animal is an act of depravity which has often been a predictor of violence against humans,” DA Janet DiFiore said in court during Nicaj’s trial.

Westchester County Judge Barry Warhit noted, “This case was unusual to say the least.”

To add insult to injury Nicaj has also been fired from his role as Superintendent and has been evicted from his building.

On the plus side for Nicaj though he wont have to worry about putting a roof over his head for the next six and a bit years. Indeed one would imagine that’s going to be the least of his problems.