Ismail was walking along with his brother when they were confronted by four males last Sunday afternoon in Walworth’s Aylesbury estate.

Ismal was pronounced dead at the scene, the postmortem showed he’d been killed by a single stab wound.

Unusually, detectives working on the case have named a youth involved. The description of the youth includes him being black, 5ft 5in tall and slightly built and clean shaven with cropped afro hair.

“It’s important that I’m able to question him in relation to this serious offence. I would urge anyone that knows where he is to give him up,” explained detective chief inspector Matt Bonner to ITN.

Bonner continued: “If Dawda is seen, please do not approach him but contact police. I appeal direct to Dawda to present himself at a police station so this matter can be dealt with.

“There is no evidence to suggest this attack was gang related and Dogan did not have any history of gang activity,” reported the Guardian.


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