Fairfax Media reported that Oliver Buckworth, 28, was on a flight bound for the Gold Coast when he was spotted penning satirical doodles, which included one that read, “terrorismadeup”.

After seeing what he had drawn, the passenger next to him told a steward, and police eventually stormed the plane to haul him off.

Mr Buckworth told the Byron Shire Echo that police didn’t even look at his notebook during the incident which happened last week.

“I asked what is the protocol – I gave them everything so I could get back on the plane,” he said. “They asked very few questions. Eventually they said, “You are free to go,” but I said I wanted to sort this out. They said, “No you don’t get anything.” Where’s the proof of this? I am just left here, without my flight and without a refund.”

He says he spent four hours trying to get another flight.

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