THE SCENE: Situated down York Street below a men’s discount clothing shop, Mojo Record fuses the two things that are most conducive to a happy night – or day for that matter: music and drinking. A collaboration between joint owners Neville Sergent, who used to run the original store a couple of streets nearby, and long time fans Daniel McManus and Jon Ruttan, it’s a sumptuous cavern of dimly lit booths, red leather, dark wood and music merchandise. LPs line the walls and ceilings and gig posters adorn the surroundings, advertising ‘new’ bands such as The Beatles or Sonic Youth in support of artists long since faded from memory. It could not be more cool, yet there’s no pretentiousness. Loud at weekends, with live bands rocking up, but more mellow on early weekday evenings, it’s the kind of place that you don’t want to come with anyone too interesting or chatty, for fear of having to tell them to belt up whilst you listen to the tunes.

THE GRUB: The hearty beer-battered chips and sharing platters are tasty, and pizza delivered from Taglio a few doors down is thin crust, fluffy based, and delicious.

BEHIND THE BAR: Craft beers on tap from local breweries are delivered via old-school hand-pumps and only available in a two-litre growler. The wines all have a NSW focus, and the cocktails are clever takes on famous musical phrases.

BILL PLEASE: It’s not cheap, but given the location, far from pricey. Beers start at $8, wines at $9, all cocktails are $19, and that two-litre growler comes in at $40.

VERDICT: High Fidelity without the judgemental staff, washed down with good drinks. Take me back.