The group of ultra-orthadox Jews believe that technology has a negative effect on younger generations.

The Jewish Daily News reported that the protesters will fight against “the evils of the Internet and damage of advanced devices”.

A letter, signed by several rabbis, was published in the Haredi press: “It is well known that in recent times that through the Internet many serious family-related problems have been created, and it all happens because of it, and something must be done so they won’t be hurt.”

The rally, which will cost around $1.5 million, will take place on the eve of Rosh Chodesh Sivan, the first day of the Hebrew calendar month Sivan, which is considered to be lucky for children’s education.

Ultra-orthadox jews have rallied against the web ever since it became popular in the mid 1990s.

An organiser said: “This will be a mass rally never before seen in the history of Orthodox Jewry in the U.S.”

“It will be a gathering of unity of all the Jews living in the U.S., a gathering to disseminate information and a prayer rally for the success of Klal-Israel’s war on the Technology which threatens the sanctity of the homes of Israel.”