Andrew Deaner (seen in the above picture in the brown coat on the right), a consultant cardiologist, was a spectator at the match when Mumaba collapsed.

Recognising what might have happened, he immediately explained who he was to a steward before being allowed onto the pitch to help.

Dr Deaner, who works at the London Chest hospital, where Muamba was transferred, stressed to medical teams that the player needed to get to the London chest hospital as fast as possible.

Deaner is also part of the team who has been treating Muamba since his arrival at the hospital.

Two days after his collapse the player is said to be showing the first tentative signs of recovery: moving his limbs independently and responding appropriately to questions.

Bolton chairman Phil Gartside said: “The staff at the London Chest Hospital have been nothing short of exceptional and I would like to thank them all at this ongoing critical time. The support from Tottenham and our own fans was fantastic at the game, unbelievable.”

Football fans from around the world have been hailing Deaner’s work on Twitter:

“I would love to meet Dr. Andrew Deaner one day. I would love to shake his hand & tell him what a remarkable job he done for @fmuamba #legend,” said Luke Sheeks.

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