Dr Margaret Mayston was last night named as the Qantas Australian Woman of the Year in the UK.

Dr Mayston is a trained physiotherapist who moved to London to do specialist training at the Bobath Centre, a charity helping children with cerebral palsy and adults with stroke. She is a Senior Teaching Fellow at University College London, and was recognised in the Australia Day honours in 2009.

Dr Mayston has lived in the UK just over 20 years.

“I’ve lived in the London a long time but I’ll never feel totally a part of Britain – my Australian roots are so strong.

“I value the opportunities I’ve had in this country, that I couldn’t have had in Australia. My experiences at University College London have been outstanding, and influenced my working life significantly. And some of the skills I’ve gained here I take back to Australia – giving specialist courses.

“I work in science, and women in science are in a minority. So for a person in science to win this award is a great positive for women working in science in Australia and internationally,”

The other nominees for this year’s award were:

Jodi Cosser, the head of sports science at British Swimming, and formerly a biomechanist at the Australian Institute of Sport

Erica Myers-Davis, the author of ‘Under one flag’, a book about the contribution made by ethnic and indigenous people from the Commonwealth to the British effort in WWII, and a trustee of Flipside, the Lambeth Crime Prevention Trust.

Dr Greta Ross, who has worked to improve the medical standards for people in Europe, including family planning and women’s health in England.

Amy Maiden, who supports the Australian arts community in London’s West End, and helped raise £30,000 for the Red Cross appeal after the bushfires in Victoria last February.

Now in its third year, the Woman of the Year award celebrates the success and achievements of Australian women, from all walks of life, living in the UK.