Starring: Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Lorna Raver 

After reining himself in over the course of three Spider-Man movies, director, and master of horror, Sam Raimi is given the chance to cut loose with the wonderfully disgusting Drag Me To Hell.

And, man, does he make up for lost time. An eyeball gets stabbed with a fork, an old woman pukes maggots, a demonic goat goes on the attack – this is the sort of carnage you’d expect from the man who gave us the Evil Dead movies.

The plot focuses on loans manager Christine (Lohman, gamely enduring all sorts of vile things being chucked into her mouth) who, in an attempt to get a promotion, turns away elderly customer Mrs Ganush (Raver).

Problem is, the old lady knows a thing or two about the dark arts and places a gypsy curse on the bank worker.

Christine, with the help of boyfriend Clay (Long), has three days to shake a demon before it drags her to hell.

A winning combination of gallows humour and moments of terror that’ll test your bladder control, Drag Me To Hell is a hugely entertaining horror film.

True, the dialogue is not the best and the ending is predictable, but for hardcore Raimi fans this is pure heaven.

Good for: Those with a strong ticker.