But before you start scouring the local classifieds, keep in mind that the additional costs can quickly add up: insurance, MOT, vehicle licence and parking expenses could have you broke before you even reach the petrol station. And then there’s the traffic to consider.

Getting a UK licence

Australian, New Zealand and South African licences are only valid in the UK for the first 12 months you’re resident here. If you stay longer, your best bet is to exchange your foreign licence for a full British one.

To exchange a foreign licence, you need to contract the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency. You will not get your foreign licence back as it will be returned to your home licensing authority. Upon returning home, you will be able to re-exchange your British licence.

International Driving Permits are not exchangeable.

Buying a used car

Check the car has a current vehicle licence or tax disc.

Check the vehicle has a current MOT certificate.

Have an independent inspection carried out by a mechanic.

Organise compulsory insurance for the vehicle.

With the seller, sign the joint declaration on the V5C form. Be sure to take the detachable slip.

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