It seems that the natives of Australia‘s Northern Territory have found a species as a rowdy and intoxicated as they are. 

‘Drunk’ red-collared lorikeets have been found stumbling around, falling out of trees, or simply passed out after being struck down by a mystery illness which causes them to display classic signs of human drunkenness.

The parrots are said stumble around and are very uncoordinated. Some have been found with their heads under paper, apparently trying to block the world out.

They also appear to suffer hangovers – including headaches, disorientation, lethargy, and general unhappiness – sometimes for several months. Others have died from the illness.

According to Ms Hansen, a veterinary surgeon at the Ark Animal Hospital, the drunken lorikeet phenomenon regularly occurs at the end Darwin’s wet season, which typically lasts between November and May each year.

Vets at the hospital feed the lorikeets the equivalent of avian hangover food: sweetened porridge and fresh fruit.

A new twist on the phrase ‘taking care of drunk birds’…

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Words: Si Willmore